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Talice S, Barkan S, Snyder G, Ottolenghi A, Eliachar S, Ben-Romano R, Oisher S, Sharoni T, Lewandowska M, Sultan E, Goldstein O, Aharoni R, Hadad U, Davis C, Moran Y, Gershoni-Yahalom O, Traylor-Knowles N, Rosental B. "Candidate stem cell isolation and transplantation in Hexacorallia".  Cell Reports

Voskoboynik, Y., Glina, A., Kowarsky, M., Anselmi, C., Neff, N.F., Ishizuka, K.J., Palmeri, K.J., Rosental, B., Gordon, T., Quake, S.R. and Weissman, I.L., 2020. "Global Age-Specific Patterns of Cyclic Gene Expression Revealed by Tunicate Transcriptome Atlas". bioRxiv.



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*(Equal contributor to first author) got the cover of Science.

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This article was chosen to be featured the BMC Cell Biology.



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*(Equal contributor to first author)


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*(Equal contributor to first author)

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This article was chosen to be featured in Global Medical Discovery Series.


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This article was chosen to be featured in MDLinx.



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*(Equal contributor to first author)


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*(Equal contributor to first author)​

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