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Lab Members

Potential candidates are welcome to join us!

Benyamin Profile (2).jpeg

Dr. Benyamin Rosental

Principal Investigator

I grew up in Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava and went to school at Maaleh Shaharut in Kibbutz Yotvata. For my bachelor's degree in life sciences, I studied in the biology/marine biotechnology track at BGU. Then I continued on to PhD studies on the direct track, in the Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology and Immunology in BGU's Faculty of Health Sciences. My post-doc was at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (ISCBRM) and the Marine Institute at Stanford University, California.

I love to hike, especially during a full moon. Today, my joy is spending time with my family.


Dr. Orly Gershoni-Yahalom

Lab manager

Expertise in immunology, virology, and protein interactions.

Flow Cytometry Sorting expert.

Worked on vaccine development for West Nile Virus and Influenza Virus. 

Lives in Kibbutz Tlalim with her family.

Oron Goldshtein.JPG

Dr. Oron Goldstein


Born and raised in Holon, moved to Be'er-Sheva to follow my educational passion, and ten years later finished my PhD in Immunology, studying alternative splicing in hematopoietic stem cells, surrounded by brilliant and awesome people.

When outside the lab, I'm a family oriented man, enjoying time with my Fiance and our pugs and when there's time left – I play games till I fall asleep


Dr. Maria Boichuck


Graduated Ph.D. researcher in the field of the Biology of Aging with extensive experience in Molecular cell biology. As a postdoctoral researcher working on ultra-rare mutation in heat-shock protein transporter that causes the neurodegenerative inherited disorder. 

I'm passionate about travel and outdoor activities. 


Dr. Grace Snyder


 I grew up in Auburn, Illinois and completed both my B.Sc in Marine Science and Biology, and Ph.D. in Marine Biology and Ecology at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science. I specialize in coral cell biology by applying flow cytometry, microscopy, and single-cell sequencing to better understand key functional cell types, particularly those involved in immunity and regeneration. Some of my hobbies include SCUBA diving, traveling, hiking, and reading. 

eliya photo_edited.jpg

Dr. Eliya Sultan


B.Sc in life sciences and psychology, and M.Sc in a computational laboratory in the life sciences department. I completed my Ph.D. and continued as a postdoc in this lab. All of my studies I did at BGU. 

I live in Bneu-Dekalim with my wife and our sweet kids.

shani talice.jpg

Shani Talice

Ph.D. student

I did my B.Sc in medical laboratory sciences at Ben-Gurion University and started my M.Sc on October 2020. I did my project on a novel brachytherapy technic for solid cancer tumors and for my M.Sc I wanted to expend my knowledge and creativity. Currently I am working on a novel stem cell transplantation therapy in Hexacorallians

Shani B..jpg

Shany Barkan

Ph.D. student

BSc. in Life Sciences at Ben Gurion University, in the Marine Biology program. 

Working on stem cell transplantations as a method of cell therapy in corals.

When I'm outside the lab I enjoy reading (non-fiction, sci-fi, and everything in between).


Mahmood Ali 




Ph.D. student

Born and raised in Yaffa-Nazareth. Moved to Beer Sheva in 2017 and lived there since then. Did my B.Sc. in Cognitive and Brain Sciences and M.Sc. in Neurobiology. Now, I'm studying HIKESHI-related Hypo-myelinating Leukodystrophy in iPSC-derived cortical neurons. 

Other than research, I enjoy cooking, traveling and really long road trips. 


Shelly Oisher

M.Sc student

Born in Beer Sheva. B.Sc in medical laboratory sciences at Ben-Gurion University, started my M.Sc in 2022.

Studying immune responses in bone marrow transplantation.

When I'm outside the lab I enjoy sports, especially Pilates, and spending time with my husband and our lovely dog.


Keren Berlyne

M.Sc student

Born and raised in Jerusalem. B.Sc. in Psychology and Biology at Ben Gurion University. Started my M.Sc in 2022, working on novel stem cell transplantation therapy in corals.


Adir Eliyahu

M.Sc student

Born in Beer Sheva. B.Sc in life sciences at Ben-Gurion University. I started my M.Sc in October 2022. Studying inflammatory processes in the innate immune system.

When I'm outside the lab I like to watch sports, especially soccer, and together with my wife I enjoy traveling, and binge watching TV shows.


Elena Azarov

M.Sc student

My friends and family call me Alona. I was born and raised in Ashkelon. B.Sc in medical laboratory sciences at Ben Gurion University. Started my M.Sc in 2023. Working on stem cell transplantations, and on finding the connection between the immune system and heat stress-induced bleaching in Hexacorallia.
When not in the lab, I am in the fencing club, or with my boyfriend and our two dogs and cat.

Ronnie Yannai.jpg

Ronnie Yannai

M.Sc student

A biotechnology engineering student at Ben Gurion University, on the M.Sc. track. I'm working on a groundbreaking project that aims to develop innovative stem cell transplantation technologies in combination with biomaterials like hydrogel to treat, rehabilitate, and regenerate coral reefs.
When I'm outside the lab, I enjoy CrossFit workouts.


Dr. Edna Ayerim Mandujano-Tinoco .png
shir 2.jpg

Tamar Levi, M.Sc.

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